Daily Discovery: Natalie Prass, “Never Over You”

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ARTIST: Natalie Prass

SONG: “Never Over You”


BIRTHDATE: The Ides of March

BIRTHPLACE: Cleveland, OH.

AMBITIONS: To always be ambitious.

TURN-OFFS: Overbearing beards and long hair on cute faces. Why are you hiding? Let me see your face! And not being able to have fun. Life needs to be fun.

TURN-ONS: Someone who is passionate and intelligent but who doesn’t take themselves too seriously… and has a goofy sense of humor… and likes Weird Al.

DREAM GIG: Singing alongside Gal Costa while wearing crazy beaded outfits and having a bunch of dancers in wild, colorful outfits doing acrobatic and psychedelic movements around us while a gigantic rhythmic band plays heavy pulsating grooves. Then Nina Simone flies in on a zip line while screaming. I’d die. That’s my ultimate dream gig.

TV ADDICTIONS: I know it sounds like I’m too cool when I say this, but I seriously never ever watch TV. When is there time to watch TV? I have T-Shirts to paint on.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: George Harrison’s son, Dhani Harrison. It originally started with George, but his son is more realistic. Ever since I saw him wearing that white linen shirt from India in “Concert for George” I’ve never been the same. I’m also attracted to Raphael Saadiq. What a babe. I’d like to dance with him.

PETS: My bright, beautiful, cuddly (and loud as ___ ) sun conure, Grummy Worms.

5 THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN: This is a very hard question because every woman is wonderfully unique. But for me, the best 5 things that I own are: My record player, journal, black pair of wide leg canvas-y pants, Epiphone guitar, and artwork that my best friends made.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: A sketchbook, voice recorder, sunscreen, coffee and water to go, and my pelican purse.

I WROTE THIS SONG: In the studio with my then boyfriend. He was extremely annoyed with me that I wanted to finish this song instead of recording one that was already written while we had studio time booked. But this is by far my favorite one we did out of the bunch. It feels really natural and effortless. I really like writing in the studio. It feels right.


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