Daily Discovery: Seth Glier, “Love Is A Language”

seth glier

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ARTIST: Seth Glier

SONG: Love Is A Language

BIRTHDATE: 11/16/1988

HOMETOWN: Shelburne Falls, MA


AMBITIONS: To play Radio City Music Hall, open a restaurant, stay happy, & leave this world a little better off than I entered it.

TURN-OFFS: Wearing Socks with sandals

TURN-ONS: Anyone fulfilling their purpose & who believe in themselves.

DREAM GIG: The one I’m about to play. Seriously, I have the best job in the world and anytime I get to play music, no matter where the venue is, I feel useful.

FAVORITE LYRIC: “I’d be friends with the sparrows and the boy who shoots the arrows if I only had a heart” – Harold Arlen & E.J. Harburg

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: Does myself count? I would have to say my good friend Crystal Bowersox is one of the craziest people I know and I truly mean that as one of the highest complements I could give.

SONG I WISH I WROTE: I so wish I wrote “yesterday” by Paul McCartney. To me that’s one of those perfect songs. I also wish I wrote anything by Cole Porter. I’m a sucker for the classics.


Lady Gaga because I’m a fan and that just seems like it’d be fun.

Tom Waits because who the hell wouldn’t want that

Louis CK because he’s hilarious

Bruce Springsteen because he seems like one of the most intelligent and intentional artists out there.

Temple Grandin in part because my brother is autistic and her books really help me understand the spectrum that is autism. She’s a brilliant individual and one of the most fearless humans on this planet.

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: I was 13 years old when I saw Martin Sexton perform in my hometown of Shelburne Falls MA. Half way through the show the power went out and he just stepped out in front of the speakers and sang unplugged. He had such a hold on the audience that in that moment I knew that I wanted to use my voice to create change and move people. I’ll never forget how powerful a simple song, simple melody, and the right moment can be. It was certainly life-changing for me.


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