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YoderDailyDiscoveryARTIST: Shane Yoder

SONG: “I Don’t Care

BIRTHDATE: 7-11-86

HOMETOWN: Accident, MD (It’s real look it up!)


AMBITIONS: I’d just like to write songs, fish and grill. I’m a simple guy. I guess if I had to choose one thing I would like to go on a long motorcycle trip around the States. Someone once gave me a book of the best scenic routes in the United States so I’d probably just use that as a GPS.

TURN-OFFS: When I see someone not respecting the people around them by not using common sense. More specifically loud neighbors. (I live in an apartment complex) I mean, you think the sound of 6 am dead lifts won’t travel through the floor?

TURN-ONS: Campfires and good company

DREAM GIG: I’d love to play at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

FAVORITE LYRIC: From the song ‘Life Off My Years’ recorded by Lee Brice and written by Eric Church, Michael P. Heeney and Jeff Hyde. “I’ll take years off my life before I take life off my years.”

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: Probably my wife cause she puts up with my stupid comments like this and loves me anyway.

SONG I WISH I WROTE: ‘Amazing Grace’

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Jesus, Hank, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and Eminem. Two reasons: 1. To sit back and watch them all interact with each other and  2. Hear what they have to say about storytelling and lyricism.

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Eric Church concert in Southaven, Mississippi. My brother and I had terrible seats behind the speakers. All we heard was reverb but the energy in that arena was unbeatable. Also it was right before I moved to Nashville and he moved to Minnesota to get married so I’m sure that factors into being a great memory.

I WROTE THIS SONG: I wrote this song twice. The first time I wrote it I didn’t like it so I set it aside for awhile hoping it would be one I could grab a melody or line from later. Then I went to record a 6 song demo and my wife insisted I put ‘I Don’t Care’ on it because the chorus got stuck in her head all the time. I hated the verses so a day before I had to send my lyric sheets into the studio (Beaird Music Group in Nashville) for charting, I rewrote the verses and recorded a work tape.

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