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Boston’s Tall Heights has come a long way in a short time, alternate to the subject matter of their title track, “Man of Stone,” a track off their first full-length album that is being released today.  The band’s ‘dream gig’ is to play Newport Folk Festival.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see Tall Heights realizing that feat very soon.

ARTIST: Tall Heights

SONG: “Man of Stone”

BIRTHDATE: 8/16/2012

BIRTHPLACE: Q Division Studios, Somerville MA

AMBITIONS: Tim: I’d love to become proficient in carpentry. Paul: To be able recognize bird calls in my sleep.

TURN-OFFS: Duo consensus: Having to answer the same questions more than once …

TURN-ONS: Tim: A mid-afternoon storm with lightning and thunder in early August. Paul: Spring peepers.

DREAM GIG: Duo consensus: I guess right now it’s gotta be Newport Folk.

I WISH I NEVER: Paul: Played a gig in Indiana. Tim: Yup.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Tim: Gosh, I don’t know… let’s go with Kate Upton. Paul: Alex Morgan.

SMARTEST PERSON I KNOW: Tim: My dad. Paul: My college roommate, John.

PETS: Tim: Tough-guy, Sasha and Michelle. Paul: Evan McQuenis, Puppy and Pizza

MY NIGHTLY RITUAL BEFORE BED: Duo consensus: I know what you’re asking for, and we’re not going to say it. Our parents will probably read this.

I WROTE THIS SONG: Paul: This song sets the tone for the rest of the record. It justifies the artist’s place in modern society by recalling a time when cavemen would paint art on their cave walls to document and catalogue day-to-day life. They weren’t out to make the Mona Lisa. No, they just wanted to mark the spot of their last bountiful hunt, or their last famine, or something less grand, but still significant. That’s a comforting thought for us … Tim: These lyrics informed the whole artistic aesthetic for the record too … cover and liner art, as well as the theme for the Man of Stone music video. We like the symbol on the front of the record because it looks like cave art to us … if you turn it sideways, it looks like a dog looking at a star, or sun or moon, or whatever you want … Turn it again, and it means something else … etc…

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