Daily Discovery: VITEK, “She Got The Night”

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SONG: “She Got The Night”

BIRTHDATE: 17 minutes after Christmas in ’86. Momma was working hard, but no one wants to spend Christmas alone, so… why not spend it with someone inside?

BIRTHPLACE: Bryan, OH — Home of the Dum Dum Sucker. You can smell the flavor of the day town-wide. Blueberry is a favorite.

AMBITIONS: Walk on coals.

TURN-OFFS: Picking your nose and eating it, chewing loudly, haughty personas.

TURN-ONS: A contagious laugh, wit, endurance, showing grace.

DREAM GIG: The Acropolis. Was Yanni the only human to conquer this feat? I think that’s what I learned on PBS.

TV ADDICTIONS: In Living Color.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Annie Clark (who I played Ping-Pong with in Portland, Maine at a Mumford Stopover date. Botched it HARD! RATS!

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: forgetting the most common item of neglect… shoes. Shoes are leaving us out of half of our touch stimuli. There are some immaculate terrains on this planet for walking skin-to-earth.

PETS: Thus far I’ve kept the responsibility level of living organisms under my care to plants… most mobile and obedient mammals cause ferocious episodes of sneezing and I’m not much for the cold-blooded.

MY NIGHTLY RITUAL BEFORE BED: Consumption of these 3 beverages in various order: Camomile Tea, Syrah, Knob Creek Bourbon, a Hatha flow, and taking time to thank The Maker

I WROTE THIS SONG: on a pajama Saturday in the loft space I used to rent in the 12 South area. It was a really cool shotgun space with tray ceilings… spent many an hour burning holes in the carpet with my hookah and drafting tunes on mid rangy yamaha p-60. The song was spawned by band member Brady Surface (bass) and the bass line kept evolving into what became a band favorite on the record.

VITEK will perform at the 2012 Fall Season Closer of Musicians Corner, Saturday October 27th in Nashville’s Centennial Park. Music begins at 2:30 PM and includes other performances from The Vespers, Ashley Cleveland and April Rucker.


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