Anna B Savage Releases Animated Video for Single, “Dead Pursuits”

Most music videos include the lead singer, members of the band, backup singers, dancers, a lot of various lighting and props, etc. But for London singer-songwriter and musician, Anna B Savage, she has decided to change things up with the music video for her song “Dead Pursuits.”

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This song represents a stage in life that many people can go through. As she sings the lyrics, the hardship and struggle can be heard clearly in her voice. The words of the song insinuate she is referring to someone who is feeling down about themselves and their life.

The lyrics are only a small part of what gives the song true depth. Anna B Savage has a voice that sounds so unique and is filled with such a tremendous amount of emotion. This brings life to her music and almost makes it feel as though she is in the same room singing right to you.

The Line of Best Fit claimed her music to be “a spacey, brittle piece of experimental agony.”

“Dead Pursuits” was released in June of this year and prior to that, she produced two EP’s, “EP” and “Chelsea Hotel #3,” in 2015.

Instead of having live people, artist Carolina Aguirre created an animated music video for Anna to better portray the meaning behind “Dead Pursuits.” 

“I’ve been a fan of Carolina’s style and output for many, many years. When she sent me the treatment for this video I cried. Her allegorical tale so perfectly expresses that feeling of a loss of confidence, and a questioning of identity. For me, these had arisen through years of unsuccessful attempts at being a musician, and suddenly not only were they being understood, but Carolina was also translating these emotions into her surreal, feathery, saggy-boobied, yonic gorgeousness.”

This may be the first animated video she has released, but Anna has also produced a music video for one of her other songs, “Chelsea Hotel #3.”  For that video though, the focus was on her, surrounded by dark lights subtly changing from red to blue colors. Both videos involve a level of intimacy with the objects and images shown.

The drawings of this video appear go give off a chalky look. The movements are quick, but the story evolves slowly. 

“For me, this felt like a collaboration more than just a music video. I feel like the song and the film feed each other, coexisting in the same oppressive and oppressed world. 

I feel an incredible amount of catharsis to have made something so beautiful and emotive from such a low point, and for that song to have prompted such an incredible, affecting visual companion.”

Watch the “Dead Pursuits” music video down below:

Photo: Ebru Yildiz

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