Diana DeMuth Shares Her Pillar Song “Steady Rolling” Off Forthcoming Album

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

A little more every day, these days, humanity becomes aware of just how vast the world is.  While loneliness is a constant reality and time only serves as a reminder of a world once set in motion by music and our interconnectedness to it and to each other, Diana DeMuth is here to offer consolation and let you know you are never really alone.  

“Every time I play ‘Steady Rolling’ I feel it in my bones.  Something about this song and the way we recorded it feels unhinged and honest; it’s a pillar of the album,” DeMuth told American Songwriter.  “My producers Simone Felice and David Baron helped guide me to a place of being able to sing this in the raw and emotive way it wanted to be heard.  I felt strongly about putting this song out now given the current climate and how uncertain these times are. I feel like the world needs music now more than ever and to feel connected through it.  There’s a line in the chorus that goes, ‘And if you should ever need me, I’ll go wherever you lead me’. At its core ‘Steady Rolling’ is about humanity and how powerful and unrelenting our need for one another is.”

“Steady Rolling” is the latest track from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming record titled Misadventure, due for release on Thirty Tigers.  The album was produced by Jade Bird and Bat For Lashes/Lumineers producer Simone Felice.  Misadventure also features work from well-known songwriter Scott Avett, who co-wrote “The Young and The Blind”.

While “Steady Rolling” is preceded by the single “Hotel Song” and not the first song to be released from Misadventure, it could easily be the most impactful.  Introduced by solid and catchy piano hooks, DeMuth takes the reigns, with a vocal timbre that cannot be taught. 

In a song where minimalism is everything and instrumentation is sparse, DeMuth shows us just how much she has to offer. With leading lyric lines like: ‘Too late for you to save me/If I remain then I’m to blame/But if you should ever need me/ I’ll go wherever you’ll lead me/ It’s all the same, the same old game,’ DeMuth makes it easy for her listeners to develop an intimate connection to her and her music through her tender presentation. 

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