“Do You Remember These”

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“The boogey man, lemonade stands, takin’ your tonsils out,
Hindenburg, and wait your turn, and four foul balls you’re out.
Cigarette loads, and secret codes, and savin’ lucky stars,
Can you remember back that far?

The boat neck shirts, and fender skirts and crinoline petticoats,
Mum’s the word, and a dirty bird and a double root beer float.
Moon hub caps, and loud heel taps, and he’s a real gone cat.
Ahh, do you remember that?

Dancin’ close, little moron jokes, and cooties in her hair,
Captain Midnight, Ovaltine, and The Whip at the County Fair.
Charles Atlas Course, Roy Roger’s Horse, and “only The Shadow knows”
Ahh, do you remember those?

Gable’s charm, Frog in your arm, loud mufflers, pitchin’ woo,
Going steady, Veronica and Betty, white bucks, and “Blue Suede Shoes”
Knock Knock jokes, and “Who’s there?”, “Dewey,” Dewey who?
Do we, do we remember these? Yes, we do.

– Written by Don Reid and Harry Reid.

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