“God’s Comic”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

elvis costello

Now I’m dead, now I’m dead, now I’m dead,
now I’m dead, now I’m dead
And I’m going on to meet my reward
I was scared, I was scared, I was scared, I was scared
He might have never heard God’s Comic

So there he was on a water bed
Drinking a cola of a mystery brand
Reading an airport novelette, listening to Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s “Requiem”
He said, before it had really begun, “I prefer the one about my son”
“I’ve been wading through all this unbelievable
junk and wondering if I should have given
the world to the monkeys”

I’m going to take a little trip down Paradise’s endless shores,
They say that travel broadens the mind, ’til you can’t get your head out of doors.

– Elvis Costello

Appears on the album Spike.

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