Dylan Hartigan Releases New Single, “My Island”

In a time where there’s so much uncertainty going on in this world, many are turning to music to help cope.

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Creatives, especially songwriters, are conscious of this and are releasing some of there best music to date. For Dylan Hartigan, he’s releasing new single “My Island” for people to enjoy while also bringing the current condition of the world to light. “My Island” is a lyrically dense song that tells the story of the world as if it was a person.

“I wanted to create a song that humanizes the world by bringing awareness to the planet as a living being – by turning myself into it. It is the story of a stolen heart,” Hartigan said. “A woman washes up on shore and comes into this man’s life and steals him away from the woman he loves. However, with her success comes the fear of the same thing happening to her. So…unfortunately, the island gets taken over.”

Hartigan’s songwriting ability perfectly shows the cause and effect of the consequences that are caused by society’s lack of care for the planet.

This is an issue that Hartigan cares for deeply and fans will instantly be able to tell when listening to “My Island.”

“My style of songwriting is very therapeutic,” he added. “I like to pour my heart out on to the paper in whatever structure I deem fit. It’s important for me to care deeply about what I’m making because if I don’t there’s no point in making it. I believe that structurally writing a song is different than approaching a song with heart and care.”

During a trying time like this, it’s easy for people to lose sight on the positives. For Hartigan, releasing this single could not have come at a better time.

“Releasing my music at this time is essential to me as a person because it’s a time in my life where things are starting to really make sense. Love, hate, money and relationships–they are all coming to a head, whether that be for better or worse. I feel as though my blissful innocence is officially gone and it’s nice to release ‘what was’ into the world and start getting a grip on ‘what is.’”

To stay up to date on all things surrounding Hartigan, visit him on DylanHartigan.com.

“My Island” is available on streaming sites everywhere today!

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