Eliot Bronson Reminds Us All “Even This Is Going to Pass”

Big people step up in big situations.

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As the world continues spinning itself loose and the divide within our nation widens even further on the current pandemic crisis and how to go about living our lives, Eliot Bronson has stepped up. Not to lead.  Not to dictate.

To help.

Though he is in the midst of prepping a new album that will surface later this year, Bronson felt compelled to do something. Not equipped to join the field of medical professionals and first responders, Bronson felt an internal obligation to do more than just sit home and wait it all out. He wanted to help others take a breath, stand back up and withstand the gut punch life has given us.

“Even This Is Going To Pass” is his help.  Coming at a time as our nation’s divide rips even further, the acoustically led message of hope and comfort speaks loudly not with volume but with Bronson’s soothing, lullaby voice.  Highlighted by the beautiful harmonies of Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Lori McKenna, the pair come together like a stained-glass window throwing sunlight through a cathedral wall.

Rain clouds rain until they’re dry | Morning steals the evening sky | Though it feels this sorrow is here to last | Even this is going to pass

“What’s happening in the world is just too big to approach head on. If I wanted to have any hope of speaking to the moment, I had to frame some empty space — gently point in a direction and get out of the way. 

“I knew that the song had to be very simple. I took more things out than I put in. Maybe it’s ironic, but to talk about impermanence with any kind of authority, I felt that the song needed to be structurally sound. Something that could endure the moment we’re in, but also address struggles we have yet to face. It’s not for me to decide if I succeeded, but that was my North Star.”

Wanting to do more than merely offer hope to all who hear it, “Even This Is Going To Pass” is offering physical help as well as funds raised by the song are being donated to Feeding America.   

The accompanying video, a work of art in its own right, was funded by the Rainey Day Fund, which provides assistance to artists of color, artists with disabilities, artists within the LGBTQ+ community, and others who add to the rich fabric of roots music.

“It’s almost like Eliot has gifted the world this beautifully-handwritten-musical note that says – “you will be ok; we will be ok” affirms McKenna. “We all need this song today.  It’s a masterful creation and I find it in my head all the time.”

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