Emily Weisband Talks ‘I Call It Being Human EP’ and How Oversharing Should Be The New Normal

Emily Weisband feels that peace, confidence, security, and contentment aren’t natural for humans. But through quarantine and her journey in the making of I Call It Being Human EP, she has taken practice in harnessing her inner dichotomy for the unnatural, and the act of oversharing is no longer a faux pas. 

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A Virginia native and eldest of six, Emily Weisband moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career in songwriting. Before Belmont University and the Grammy win, and even before the success of her music as an artist and songwriter. Emily confesses that from an early age, she has been fulfilling her identity with what people project on to her.

Emily shares, “My parents would describe me as vivacious. The world was my stage.” Her father, a former signed artist himself, would tutor and guide her in the art of songwriting. No doubt her destiny would be in show business. But caught in the decision of medical school or a music career. Emily opted for Belmont University studying songwriting. Only here is when fateful meetings with a former roommate would secretly audition Emily’s demos in competitions. These competitions from school caught the ears of Rusty Gaston, former General Manager and co-owner of THiS Music Publishing and now Sony/ATV Music Publishing CEO. 

Emily Weisband

Emily’s cuts include BTS’s “Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey),” Camila Cabello’s “Consequences,” “Team” by Noah Cyrus and MAX, and eventually her Grammy win, “Thy Will, With Hillary Scott and The Scott Family. At the time of the Grammy win, Emily confesses, “I wish I understood the gravity of being on that stage…I wasn’t ready.” The complex emotions of affirmation but the inner shortcomings tackled Emily. But in this episode, Brandon and Emily wrestle with these emotions and take a look at the hypocrisies of what humans are lead to believe in religion, social cues, and even in music. 

The rules of genre songwriting, overcoming self-awareness and identity crises in an artist career, and the career of Emily Weisband leading up to her latest release I Call It Being Human EP are all in this episode of Surviving the Music Industry with Brandon Harrington. Emily’s latest offering is out on all streaming platforms and you can listen to the conversation on your favorite podcast app. 

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