Uncovering Acts: Five You Need To Know

In this – the age of the Coronavirus – many of us are stuck at home, isolated with only TV screens and the glow of laptops and phones to keep us connected. In other words, there isn’t much to do.

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However, one thing that is available to us all is the wide world of recorded music. And now is as good a time as ever to get to know some bands you may not have heard of but ones that you will assuredly enjoy, dear reader.

So, buckle up and get ready for a digital ride around the U.S. with stops in Portland, New York City, Seattle, Baton Rouge (Louisiana) and Los Angeles.

Talkin’ To Johnny, “Man Moon,” Portland
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Fronted by the timeless talent, Sallie ford, the new band, Talkin’ To Johnny, brings the shrieks of rock and roll to the fore. Electric guitars shatter as vocals break and echo. Ford, to anyone who knows her in the Northwest, is a star. Her elastic, light bulb-like voice could read the encyclopedia and make it illuminate like a flat screen TV. No matter if she’s fronting her own solo music or this new incarnation, Ford’s music is neon in an otherwise hazy world.

Emily Wells, “Remind Me To Remember,” New York City
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Many indie music fans likely know of Emily Wells. Chances are they’ve seen her in a dark club in their home city as Wells, a one-woman-band, hit looper pedals to record percussion, guitar, violin and vocals on the spot to create a solo symphony that tugs at the heartstrings. Wells released a new record, In The Dark Moving, in May, a terrific 10-track melodic, forlorn work. Here, we put a little shine on the lead track from the new album.

Danny Denial, “Everything Is Terrible,” Seattle
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Sometimes three words surmise it all. Danny Denial is a master at capturing those defeated feelings we’ve all indulged at our lowest moments. And while everyone is experiencing a “low moment” collectively in this age of COVID-19, perhaps it’s Denial who should be leading our collective chorus. After all, a little morbid catharsis can feel good, almost like a good cry. Denial, it’s also worth noting, is a skilled videographer, evidenced by the one he made for this song.

Your Mom Band, “Meg White,” Baton Route
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You read that band name correctly. This quartet is comprised of four women who might actually be your mom. How fucking rock and roll is THAT?! And, with this brand new track, the four – Dorothy, Sandy, Kay and Debbie – pay homage to one of the baddest ladies in rock, “drummer queen” Meg White (of the White Stripes). Heavy rhythms, growling vocals. What a joy.

Das Kope, “Fascination,” Los Angeles
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At the end of the day (or at the end of a music article), sometimes it’s best to get a little weird. Sometimes you need to slide your boots off, put on a black light and move like Jell-O. On those occasions, let Das Kope provide the soundtrack. The group plays music that sounds like nature tapes played through distortion and acid tabs. It’s lovely and unique and worthy of listen after listen.

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