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Some songs transcend genre, arrangement, and date of birth. One such song is Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Admit it, it still makes you cry.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter (and former NCAA basketball player) Cal Ecker chose to include his version of the song as a hidden track on his debut EP, Cal Ecker. Get a free download of the track, and check out our interview with Ecker, below.

Cal Ecker – Time After Time by kwall

When did you first hear “Time After Time?”

I first heard the song when I was just a little tyke. I have three older sisters and they all wanted to be just like Cyndi Lauper. I remember it clearly, listening to a tape of the song on a boombox in my living room back in the day.

What lead you to cover it?

I have always been a big fan of the song, but it was really my buddy Cory’s idea to do it. We were searching for a cover that we could rock out to and that would match the energy of our live show. The band killed it the first time we tried it and we’ve been playing it at every show since.

Did you try to be faithful to the arrangement, or did you try to change it up?

Working with the arrangement and re-recording a classic hit song is also tricky and dangerous. My producer Aaron Johnson and I wanted to keep the original ’80s vibe, but give it a rocked out twist on the choruses. The song has obviously been covered a number of times by other bands before me, but I think we made it our own – it has a little bit of everything in it, just like my original songs. Hope you guys like it.

Do you know if Cyndi Lauper has heard it yet?

I would guess that Cyndi Lauper has not heard this version yet. But I guess you never know. If people were re-recording my songs and sharing them with the world, I would want to hear them, every one of them. I can honestly say that I believe she would like this rendition though. Maybe someday she will come sing a duet with me. Then maybe I could get my sisters to come see a show!


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