Lewis Brice Features Girlfriend as Leading Lady in Music Video for ‘It’s You’

Just in time for the Valentine’s day holiday, country singer/songwriter Lewis Brice shared his romantic single, “It’s You,” in 2020. Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2021 and Brice is releasing the heartfelt music video to accompany the song.

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Brice translated his love for girlfriend, Denelle into his this single. Most women dream of having a song like this written about them and not only did Denelle get that, but she also got to be a big part of the video.

Not only was the song written about Brice’s love for girlfriend Denelle, the video also features the beautiful blonde as the leading lady. It’s with great pride that Brice shared Denelle’s reaction to hearing the song and learning that she would be included in the video. “She absolutely loved it,” Brice tells American Songwriter. “It struck her really well and she got even more excited when I put her in the music video.”

Brice co-wrote “It’s You” with Ben Simonetti and Niko Moon. Since they were all in similar places in their lives, the song felt fitting to write together. According to Brice, the “easy breezy little love song,” only took about two hours to write.

“We all kind of had the same feelings about our girls and the words kind of just came out,” Brice recalls. “I guess when you’re writing about love, it comes pretty easy. I generally write about what’s happening in the moment and where I’m at in life. So that makes it easier to write and it just so happened that all three of us were on the same page that day.”

Brice co-produced “It’s You” and his previous single, “Young,” with brother Lee Brice. In addition to writing and producing this song, Brice also had the freedom to take part insome of the directing.

In the video, Denelle, with love in her eyes, walks in to hear Brice play his song in the intimate setting of the The Analog Room in the Hutton hotel, wearing a stunning red dress. “It’s one of the most beautiful venues. I could envision it all in my brain; I wanted it to just be all about her,” says Brice.

Brice and his band are seen performing on stage as Denelle, the only patron in the club, sits and watches intently. Finally, Brice brings his love up on stage and they embrace in dance.

Choosing to give the video a more personal feel, Brice wanted the focus to be on them. “I thought, it’s a simple song, it doesn’t need to be so crazy and big and out there,” he adds.

Brice recounts being able to calm Denelle’s pre-performance nerves with a little reassurance. “I said, ‘You’re beautiful. You just have to be you’ and the video came out just like I wanted it to.”

Watch the video for “It’s You” for the first time on American Songwriter:

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