Lewis Brice Shares Inspiration Behind Valentine’s Single, “It’s You”


In anticipation of Hallmark’s favorite holiday, love-struck Lewis Brice shared his new single, “It’s You,” last Friday. The song is an intimate departure from Brice’s previously released music, yet maintains his thematic light-heartedness as an artist.

Lewis Brice’s older brother and country star, Lee Brice, has supported him as he has risen through the ranks in Nashville. “It’s You” is coming off the heels of a few attention-grabbing releases that put the younger Brice brother on Music Row’s radar. 

Brice is proud of his latest song, especially the bridge: “Just like blue on the sea, our love won’t fade. It’s evergreen.” The lyrics call on nature to help describe his feelings in the absence of words. He feels the line breaks up the song in a poetic way.

“It’s You” strikes a different chord than previous hits such as “Best Ex Ever,” indicating a change of heart for Brice. The melody floats along lyrics lines that unfold like a love letter. The words are direct, but Brice’s calm demeanor delivers warmth. His vocals carry with ease. 

“There’s no real difference in the process, but there is a difference in the state of mind,” admitted Brice. “I wrote “Best Ex Ever” during a time in my life where I was dealing with break-ups, bars, and exes. But when we wrote “It’s You,” we were all in the same state of mind to write about love.”

“It’s You” was co-written with friend and long-time collaborator, Ben Simonetti, and introduced a new angle with collaboration from Nico Moon. Brice is thankful for Moon’s charisma and its ability to fill the writer’s room. “It’s You” was only one prized product of this trio’s work together.

Simonetti, along with Brian Bunn and his brother, Lee, has worked with him on most of the music he has released to date. 

Brice closed out 2019 with BCMA’s International Song of the Year for his track, “Blessed.” According to Brice, fans should expect 2020 to maintain the momentum with new tunes and a rounded out Southern rock sound. 

“I ventured more into the pop and radio-friendly world for these last releases,” Brice shared. “I plan to open it up to have more of a big country-rock sound with southern roots bringing it all together.”

Like Cupid’s arrow, “It’s You,” resonates with the listener, catching the fever with each soulful verse. Listen to Lewis Brice’s timely love song here. 

You can find Brice and his Valentine, Denelle, celebrating in East Nashville Saturday night at Two Ten Jacks. Wrapping up a release week, the two anticipate an easy-going evening complete with chocolate-covered strawberries and Rosé. 

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