Tommee Profitt’s Debut Single Is A Booming Cri De Cœur About “Faking Love”

Tommee Profitt—the Milford, Michigan-born, Franklin, TN-based composer and producer—has released over 100 collaborative tracks since 2017. But today he shares “Faking Love,” his booming debut effort as a solo artist.

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“I love collaborating with different writers and artists and putting my cinematic spin on the production,” Profitt tells American Songwriter, implicitly nodding to his six-volume Cinematic Songs project. “While I feel people will relate to the lyrics and message of [“Faking Love”] alone, I also just want people to listen to it loud, experience a rush of adrenaline, and feel it in their chest. Life can be so mundane and boring, and I want people to introduce epic feelings in their lives again. I use big sounds to try and help create that.”

While “Faking Love” marks Profitt’s solo debut, he’s joined on the track by two previous collaborators.

“I’ve worked with both Jung Youth and NAWAS several times on some music for TV/film,” he explains. “We always came away with awesome stuff. I wanted to take a stab at doing what I do with cinematic trailer music, but in a more commercial direction. So, I asked those guys to come over because I thought their voices would be perfect for the track and the sound I was going for. They crushed it!”

The track pairs Profitt’s larger-than-life production style with driving rap verses and smooth harmonies—an approach that Profitt cherishes.

“I’ve always put out my own music for my whole life,” says the artist. “I made my first album in 7th grade and have since released a total of 27 albums—a lot of people don’t know that. I think when I only produce for other artists, there’s a creative part of me that dies. I’m a musician before a producer, but these sides both inform and help each other with what I do. I think finally landing on this sweet spot of filling the role of ‘composer / producer / cinematic artist guy’ that features different artists singing on the tracks I make (which some DJs do as well), really feels like a natural fit for me. It’s probably my favorite thing in the world to do. Getting to work with incredible vocalists and use their voices as ‘instruments in my score’ is like a dream playground for me.”

“Faking Love” comes after Profitt’s latest release, Covers (Vol. 1), which features collaborations with FJØRA, Brooke, Sam Tinnesz, Fleurie, Colton Dixon, Nicole Serrano, and Jung Youth—many of whom also appear on Profitt’s Cinematic Songs volumes (Profitt and Fleurie additionally released a full-length album last year called Gloria Regali). Still, Profitt remains best known for his work with NF and his high-profile film and TV placements, which include The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 2, The Handmaid’s Tale, Bones, and Batwoman among others.

“Honestly, I don’t have just one or two prominent key people that have influenced me,” says Profitt. “It’s more like hundreds of little musical moments throughout my life, but if I had to pick a few people, it would be Hans Zimmer, Trevor Rabin, Daniel James, Max Martin, Weird Al, Beethoven… it’s a pretty eclectic list.”

Asked what’s next for him in 2020, Profitt confirms that something significant is on the horizon but doesn’t say exactly what.

“I have a really big, massive project that I’m working on right now that will be released by the end of this year,” he teases. “I’ve never worked on anything harder in my life and have never been more excited about anything I’ve made before. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

Check out the video for “Faking Love” below.

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