Forest Glen Whitehead Shares How To Find Your Edge As a Songwriter

On February 24, 2021, Grammy nominated producer/songwriter and No. 1 songwriter Forest Glen Whitehead (“Peter Pan,” “Yeah Boy”), in partnership with American Songwriter, will host the live workshop,“Music City Playbook, an online platform educating the next generation of songwriters and producers through music production and songwriting advice/tutorials and courses from current professionals in the Nashville music industry.

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To be a part of the Music City Playbook workshop from 6pm-9pm CT, purchase tickets here.

In his own words, Whitehead shares how a songwriter can find their edge.

How do you stand out as a songwriter?  What’s the reason people will pick up the phone to call you up to finish a song? What value are you offering?  How can learning music production increase your value as a songwriter?

There is something you have within you that helps you stand out from others. You must recognize your edge.  What do you bring to the table that makes people want to work with you again and again?

The vision has to be crystal clear in your mind on how you will attain your goals and you must have a specialized skill, that you implement better or more consistently than others, that will help you along your journey to success. 

Imagine having a co-write and the perfect idea drops in the room. You have the ability to produce a demo on your laptop but don’t have the know-how. There are only so many moments available to make a great pitch, and to get your song heard by the right ear. What happens if you’re not ready and can’t deliver? You miss an opportunity.

You either spend too much money for studio time or wait for the opportunity to collab with someone who has the skill to produce a demo. What if you didn’t have to wait for anyone? 

Now imagine being able to record and produce your song idea as inspiration hits, so you never lose momentum on capturing your strike of genius, while never letting the technical stuff hold you up.

That’s what Music City Playbook’s  HOW TO TO FIND YOUR EDGE workshop aims to teach you—how to find your edge as a producer/songwriter and bring your greatness to the room. The kind of greatness that inspires your co-writers to tell everyone they work with how awesome the session was. That’s what builds your brand as a songwriter.

Being clear of your edge as a songwriter is a developing process, which means it’s ok to try the paths that ultimately don’t work out for you until you find the one that does.

If you are one of the dedicated few, willing to dig deep and find what sets you apart as a creator, consider joining us for an exclusive online workshop.

The goal of the Music City Playbook workshop is to help you recognize your edge as a songwriter/producer, encourage you to double down on your strengths and collab with others who can bring their best to the table and balance the song out for the best outcome. 

Through American Songwriter’s Livestream with Music City Playbook we will be delivering inspiration with education on how to produce a professional quality track from the ground up on your laptop computer while recognizing what sets you apart from the competition.  This online 3 hr class will go into detail on how to get the track started and covering how to finish it out to a pitch worthy demo.

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Level up your songs and demos with a live, interactive songwriter production class (Music City Playbook) with Whitehead—February 24 from 6:00 pm – 9pm CST. Purchase tickets here.

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