Loud Forest Premieres New Single “Glow” in an Irresistibly Upbeat Fashion

As the husband-wife duo known as Loud Forest, Bernard and Rachel Chadwick bring a unique musical flair to their new single “Glow,” premiering below. 

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“Glow” captures the feeling of finding solace in a loved one’s warmth, and then explains that experience for listeners via shimmering synths, passionate vocals and feel-good melodies. The song pumps out its sound in a fresh fusion of love and art that makes for a perfect summer debut.

In conversation with American Songwriter Bernard adds, “I’ve seen you glow, magical and radiant. The light was perfect, you were bursting with love and life and laughter, I even caught it on a polaroid picture, no flash. That’s what the song is about. Let’s hang there for a sec. Living in the light of your love. When shit gets hard, when we’ve lost the feeling and I feel like I’m living in your shadow. I remember that space where you glow.”

It is this perfect blending of senses and feelings, almost an experience of synesthesia, that makes “Glow” an irresistible track on your playlist.

Loud Forest is currently working on their third album, but until then, enjoy the premiere of their new single “Glow.”

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