Good “Vibes”: A Hint About Facebook’s Music Service

Is it too soon to begin speculating on a legitimate Facebook music service? Although the social network at one point publicly said it would not be pursuing a music platform on Facebook, they have made a number of recent steps to the contrary.

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In May, they introduced “Music on Facebook,” essentially a how-to guide for musicians to learn how to best represent and promote their music on Facebook. Although Music on Facebook is housed at, the name leaves open the opportunity for the company to launch a more-official “Facebook Music” in the future.

Now Jeff Rose, a developer and grad student in Europe who writes the Life Is A Graph blog, was test-driving the new Facebook Video Chat feature and discovered a piece of code that read “facebook.vibes” that in turn pointed to a music download dialog. Rose surmised that this may be a hint as to Facebook’s forthcoming music service.

There are also reports that Facebook is planning a partnership with Spotify, which would make sense considering the European-based music service just announced they’ll be launching in the U.S. soon.

Whether it’s Facebook Vibes, Spotify on Facebook, or Facebook Music… something is definitely brewing in Palo Alto.


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