GURF MORLIX > Last Exit to Happyland

[Rating: 2 ½ stars]

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As Last Exit to Happyland demonstrates, Gurf Morlix is worried about losing his edge. Maybe that’s why the collection begins with a tale of gun-fueled violence and ends with a song about death, but Morlix-whose last name almost rhymes with “prolix”-employs his serviceable voice on a set of tunes that offer up some good lines but little surprising music. Still, “She’s a River” modulates nicely, while “Walkin’ to New Orleans” works its slightly awkward metrics for all they’re worth. “Drums from New Orleans” pays tribute to the inspirational powers of Crescent Music rhythm-and-blues but doesn’t offer much insight. Best of all is “Music You Mighta Made,” an examination of the ways a bohemian songwriter might waste time instead of working. “You always stayed a day too long,” Morlix sings. Happyland manages to make being a poor houseguest sound as reprehensible as losing your edge, and that’s no small accomplishment.


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