Band of Silver Release New, High-Energy Single “Hello Sunshine”

Pop-rock mavens, Band of Silver use rousing and contrasting imagery to draw similarities between the circular cycles of chronic illness on their new single “Hello Sunshine” out now.

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The song is the first major single release by the Nashville based trio of sibling songwriters and makes a powerful and meaningful introduction to them as artists and equally as humble people, dealing with everyday issues. 

“For our first single release, we wanted something high energy and uplifting for our fans,” the band told American Songwriter. “’Hello Sunshine’ is about looking ahead and staying hopeful even during hard times.  This topic is very close to our hearts as all three band members have dealt with chronic illness.  I liked the idea of using night and day to refer to difficult versus good times because it’s an unbreakable cycle.  You’ll have ups and downs, days and nights, but the sun will always greet you again.”

The song spreads its rally message through committed and unwavering lyrics that are projected by the stunning, mature vocal stylings of singer Avery Silvernagel.  She is the picture of joy and perseverance while singing ‘Hello sunshine/how long have you been away,’ emphasized with the call-response vocal ‘and I’m feelin’ better!’.  The cyclical turn of chronic illnesses, plagued by ups-and-down, recovery and continual sickness is indicated further by the verse lyrics: ‘I know that the sun is on the rise/but all I see is fireflies.’

The music is up-tempo and uses choral style backing vocals to charge the song, creating a sense of unity and togetherness, needed to blaze through obstacles.  The beats are droplets of bounce, pulling the song with sharp snare bursts accentuated by low-end 80s styled keyboards.

Avery shared the songwriting was very typical Nashville, in the early days of the group, leading with a guitar riff and lyrics, but when they wanted to mature as artists, the trio sought some of the best names in the industry and headed to the pop capitol. The track was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Mike Green, who has a long-standing reputation for working with similar anthem-type pop-rock bands like All Time Low and Paramore

The single marks the trio’s first studio attempt and presentation to their fans following their 2018 EP In Space.  The band having soft released songs previously, said the new single is the perfect introduction to their sound.  Further singles to come will touch on timeless ideas of heartbreak, disappointment and hope, while illuminating faith and the strength of family relationships. It is important for Band of Silver to be a model for perseverance, and as such they wrote many of the upcoming singles with the same founding concept- to never give up even when the going gets rough.  

When 2020 starts to bring you down, be sure to let some light into your day and have a listen to “Hello Sunshine” available everywhere you can stream today, including Spotify and Apple Music-Catch the colorful lyric video here today, on American Songwriter.

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