History Channel To Air Beatles Special

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On Wednesday, November 25 at 10 p.m. Eastern, the History Channel will air “The Beatles On Record,” a new documentary on the beloved British band.

Featuring over 60 songs, with never-before-heard studio chatter, the doc “charts The Beatles’ extraordinary recording journey from Please Please Me to the epic Abbey Road LP and reveals how they developed as musicians, matured as songwriters and created an enduring body of work that pushed the boundaries of studio recording, changing the course of musical history and popular culture.”

“The Beatles On Record” is narrated by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Sir George Martin, and is directed by Bob Smeaton, who also directed the Beatles Anthology series and created the mini-documentaries featured on The Beatles’ newly re-mastered albums.


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  1. The Great Elvis was still black and white … It was the Kennedy assassination and the Beatles that ushered us into the world of living color. We have and never will be the same again. About time History channel.

  2. With the sparsity of filmed Beatles material available or shown at the time, we plunged ourselves deeper into the music, when it was shown we say transfixed, wondering if any of the secrets or whatever else would be revealed or come across the universe in that medium.

  3. I will be transfixed when this airs. I search for material concerning their music. So much of what we read, see, and hear is about their societal effect not on what made them what they were, their music. Fianlly something about how this glorious and beautiful music was made. Thank you History Channel!

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