Meg DeLacy Goes From Screen To Song On “Implicit”

Meg DeLacy may be best known in 2020 for her portrayal as Cindy Burman in the DC Universe series Stargirl. 

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But the Los Angeles-born actress, who also appeared on such popular ABC Family series as Recovery Road and The Fosters, has recently been flexing her budding skills as a musician and songwriter, looking towards the futuristic sounds of modern pop and R&B for inspiration on her new single “Implicit.”

“Jhené Aiko lyrically, Amy Winehouse’s swagger, SZA’s RnB approach,” DeLacy reveals as her recipe for sonic success in regards to the song, which–like most great pop songs–was born out of the rocky waters of romance and the struggle for mindfulness in love.

“I was in a relationship where I felt distressed at times,” she tells American Songwriter. “Some memorable moments would slip through the cracks and he wouldn’t remember in the morning. This song was created as a reminder for him to remember me, remember the warmth and remember the love. Keep me in your mind.”

The song, which was recorded in the home studio of her producer Jayme Silverstein, came from sessions they did over the course of this quarantine year.

“His home studio and sessions sorta became therapy days,” she said. “Writing music is therapy in itself but being able to bounce back ideas and learn from each other we soon found pockets worth exploring – whether they were scary, exciting or bittersweet. I write at my best when I when I’m vulnerable, but simply I write my best when I’m honest with myself. No BS, just real things that real people feel on a regular basis.”

DeLacy hopes that her fans will take away from “Implicit” the importance of memories and the retention of them across one’s life, no matter how young or old. 

“Staying present with yourself and the people you’re with,” she tells American Songwriter. “Memories are everything, and if we can’t clearly or even semi clearly replay beautiful moments our bodies and minds experienced, how sad is that??” 

Yet what the Atlanta resident truly hopes with “Implicit” is for the candid nature by which she expresses herself in her lyrics, especially given how they have all the markings of a promising future as a songwriter. 

“I don’t write or even listen to many ballads so when I do I look for the slow down and the story,” said DeLacy. “Lyrics are huge to me as a songwriter and when a song takes it’s time to explain something genuine its a warm reminder that we are all going through it in some way or another.”

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