Jake Bellows Gets A Little “Help” From His Friends

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As the frontman of Neva Dinova, Jake Bellows spent years bridging the gap between dreamy shoegaze and midwestern Americana, even appearing on Bright Eyes’ Cassadagain 2007. Now flying solo, the Omaha-based songwriter embraces his rustic side with “Help,” one of the new songs from his upcoming album.

Recorded with a Nebraska supergroup featuring Ryan Fox (The Good Life), Todd Fink (The Faint), Ben Brodin (ARC Studios), and fellow Neva Dinova bandmate Heath Koontz, “Help” weaves a sad, slow melody around sparse percussion and acoustic guitar. Since the full album isn’t quite finished, Bellows will be releasing “Help” on a ten-song cassette tape, which also includes demos and an old 4-track version of Neva Dinova’s “Supercomputer” (pre-order it here or here).

“‘Help’ was written about how arbitrary life can seem, and the frustration that comes with attempting to put an order to it,” Bellows told us. “A distracting parade of pointless dancing and cultural randomness, all but impossible to negotiate. The idea that your love can keep someone happy and engaged in the world is a hopeful and positive notion, however improbable it may be.”

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