Jeremie Albino Offers a Shoulder to Cry on In “Tears You Hide” [Exclusive Premiere]

Americana artist Jeremie Albino has released the title track from his impending sophomore record, “Tears You Hide.”

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The Toronto native calls upon the spirit of classic folk artists in this track, singing from his soul with unquestionable ability: Won’t you share your troubles now / I see the tears you’re trying to hide.

The lyrics – penned solely by Albino – were inspired by the sobering effects of an illness in his family.

“I wrote it a while back when my sister was going through some pretty serious health issues,” the singer tells American Songwriter. “At the time, she needed 24-hour care, and my whole family was feeling helpless with the situation and having trouble finding any relief or help for what was ailing her. With all that strain, it was the first time I realized how vulnerable my parents were.”

Albino continues, “They were usually so strong but suddenly I could see they were really struggling with this situation. These strong figures in my life seemed as vulnerable as I was as a child, and I felt the need to take care of them and make sure they were okay.”

Despite “Tears You Hide” being born out of an intimate and distinct moment in Albino’s life, he hopes the assuage found in the lyrics can be applied to any hard times his listeners find themselves in.

“I think this song has grown more than it being directly about my family situation, it is more about anyone going through a struggle,” he adds. “I know it might sound cheesy, but the takeaway is knowing that this too shall pass and in the long run you will be alright.”

American Songwriter premieres “Tears You Hide,” below.

“Tears You Hide” is the third song from Albino’s record of the same name, due June 9. Prior to sharing the title track, Albino released “You I’m Waiting On” and “Across the Hall.” Find the full track listing, below.

Albino says the rich instrumentation on “Tears You Hide” is a good indicator of the record as a whole.

“I think there’s a lot more of the band songs on this record than my previous record,” Albino explains. “I think it came from having so much fun at my live shows. I really wanted to incorporate more of the energy of the live band on this record.”

He describes the album as an ode to family, resilience, and looking toward the future. Like “Tears You Hide,” Albino promises the album will be “deeply personal” and “grounded in moments of joy and the hope it brings.”

Tears You Hide Track list

“Dance With Me”
“You I’m Waiting On”
“Across the Hall”
“Tears You Hide”
“Hold Me Down”
“All These Days”
“Klondike Man”
“Early Morn”
“The Garden”

Photo credit: Colin Medley / Courtesy Press Here Publicity

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