Karen and the Sorrows Channel Classic Country on “Do It for Myself”

Photo courtesy of the artist

Since forming in 2011, Karen and the Sorrows have become integral members of the Brooklyn queer country scene, helming both Brooklyn’s Gay Ole Opry Festival and the Queer Country Quarterly. The alt-country trio is also busy with their own musical career, prepping a new album, The Narrow Place, for August 25.

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New The Narrow Place track “Do It for Myself” is a twangy tale of lost love, paying homage to classic country with gentle pedal steel and lush vocal harmonies.

“This song is about when you’re trying to find a way to take what’s breaking your heart and turn it into a place of strength,” vocalist and principal songwriter Karen Pittelman says. “But then it comes out all bitter and lonesome and wrong instead. When I wrote it, I was worried for a minute that it might be too sad. Then I remembered that there is no such thing as too sad in country music!”

Listen to “Do It for Myself” below.

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