Kat Higgins Steps Out on Her Own With “We Go Driving”

You probably don’t know Kat Higgins by name, but chances are you’ve heard her work. Raise your hand if you’ve heard Carrie Underwood’s song “Mexico” from her Storyteller album or Kenny Chesney’s “Knowing You” on his just released Here and Now album.  

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Know ‘em? Like ‘em? Well, guess who wrote ‘em?

With an innate ability to write songs other artists can see themselves in, Higgins has seen success as a songwriter in Nashville. Know this; it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t quick and she’s surely not chucking that songwriting career to the curb. That said, she is stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight with the first release of her artist life with “We Go Driving.” 

With a Matraca Berg or Aimee Mayo-like flair for imagery and a vocal that is second to none, “We Go Driving” makes you equally thrilled to discover Higgins as an artist and mad she didn’t start singing for us sooner. 

“This song holds a lot of symbolism for me. I wrote it several years ago with Troy Verges,” says the Canadian born Higgins. “After seeing a little boy in the front seat of a car on I-65 long after midnight, I wondered why he was up so late. It inspired me to write a song about a little boy that goes driving with his mom when things aren’t great at home.

“I feel like many of us, at some point in our lives, encounter our child self. The child-self wants to believe in people and look for good outcomes. For me, this song is about finding hope and strength and listening to the child within.”

While “We Go Driving” is considered to be Higgins debut, it’s not her first foray into the artist world. Growing up in her native Canada, she and her siblings made up the successful family band The Higgins. The group celebrated a Top 15 single at Canadian country radio and garnered CCMA Group of the Year nominations in 2008 and 2009.  It wasn’t until after the band went on hiatus that Kat moved to Nashville to pursue her songwriting.  

Now as she dips her toes back in the artist end of the pool, shoe’s adamant that she remains a songwriter first but can’t contain her excitement about taking center stage.

“This the first release for me since the family band days and I’m so excited. I love storytelling and ‘We Go Driving’ just felt like the most Kat single to start with.”

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