KTJ & Carly Navigate Heartbreak With Vulnerable New Song, “Otherside”

Heartbreak is an experience connecting us to one another. We all must endure it sooner or later, whether as the heartbreaker or the broken hearted. Singer/songwriter pop duo KTJ & Carly find themselves planted in the former category, navigating an equally tumultuous state of being, as their ex-lover collapses before their very eyes. With their song “Otherside,” premiering today on American Songwriter, the sibling pair muster up a reflective, vulnerable performance.

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Following a lush, heavenly 28-second introduction, their words fall like diamonds onto hardwood, but their gentleness shines right through. “You got the best of me / I’m sorry, but I gotta leave / Your love was so sweet, so sweet / Don’t want this to take too long,” they console as best they can.

Still, the emotional weight proves to be too much for both parties. KTJ & Carly then consider the scrapes and bruises they, too, receive from the split. “They don’t tell you / It’s so much harder on the other side / Watching you cry.”

KTJ & Carly’s “Otherside” (pre-save here) sweeps through a heart torn, completely airy soundscape. Piano roots them in place, yet the hook catapults into the ether, wild and unruly. “We all eventually have to go through the experience of being heartbroken, and it sucks. Every so often, we have to be the ones that break other people’s hearts for the betterment of ourselves,” the band says, “or we have to watch our loved ones go through heartbreak. It’s one of the most painful things, watching someone you love in pain and not being able to do anything.”

“Otherside” comes on the heels of “Holding On” and “Almost True” from earlier this year. In a little over one year, KTJ & Carly have amassed a considerable body of work, often calling upon such influences as ROZES and Chloe x Halle. The duo are expected to score their first feature film, “God Save the Queens,” directed by Jordan Danger and starring Peter Facinelli (“Twilight” saga, “Supergirl”), Michelle Visage (“RuPaul’s Drag Race”), and Kelly Mantle (“Lucifer”), among others.

Listen to “Otherside” below.

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