Waiting For Smith Invites You To Stand in “Lines of Love”

After a skiing accident that almost cost him his life, Harry Lloyd decided to dedicate his life to music. Because of this traumatic, life-changing event, Harry was able to learn how to play the guitar and form Waiting for Smith. Now we have the pleasure of being able to listen to his new track, “Lines of Love.”

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If you have ever gone through a rough time and needed someone consoling on the other side of the phone, this song will resonate with you.

“Inspired by a long distance phone call walking around Kings Cross, London late at night. Lines of Love is about telling someone to hold on through a difficult time in their life. Reassuring them that you will be there for them no matter what, and that everything, even the most difficult things will pass eventually. Love is to recognize the other as ultimately yourself,” says Harry.

This soft, indie rock song slowly builds into a catchy tune as instruments are gradually added in. The sound is filled with soul and it emphasizes the power of having someone to be your strength in the low times. Harry hopes this song will feel as though it is almost a form of therapy, it should provide comfort and it should help spread positivity in the world.

“There comes a realization in any relationship, father to son, mother to daughter, brother to brother, boyfriend to girlfriend, husband to husband, partner to partner that you’re dealing with two different people, with different wants, needs and desires. When those needs, wants and desires appear to align you seem to be in perfect harmony… when they are opposing it tends to create a sort of chaos. Lines of Love is a reminder to that other person to realize and remember that actually your support is always there for them, despite the momentary turbulence.”

The common theme in Harry’s music is love. This is clear in the titles and lyrics in a few of his other singles such as “So Much Love” and “Songs For People I Loved.” These are the types of songs, in addition to his other tunes, to listen to in the car with the windows down on a clear, sunny day. They will fill your hearts with joy and warmth.

With over 10,315 monthly listeners on Spotify, high praise from several publications, and radio play on over 180 stations around the world, you could say that Waiting for Smith has seen a good amount of success.

Now you have the chance to join his audience by listening to “Lines of Love” here:

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