Listen to Benjamin A. Harper’s “There Is No Curse” Here


On July 24, Benjamin A. Harper will make his solo debut with Get Thee Behind Me, his first release outside of the 10-piece soul supergroup Magnolia Sons in over five years. The album started as a series of home demos, but Harper kept building on the material and it quickly became apparent that production needed to make its way out of the house.

“[There Is No Curse is] my personal favorite track from the record,” Harper says. “I wrote it about a friend who seemed to think the world was against them. It’s tough when you know someone is capable of growing, but they keep doing the same things over and over and you see how they’re immobilized by the past. It’s even tougher when you know there isn’t necessarily a solid answer. This song was just to say ‘you might not find closure or get the answers you look for, but you can’t let that bind you or keep you from growing.'”

Listen to “There Is No Curse” here:

Harper’s playing an album release show on July 24 at The Basement, opening for Anderson East. (Ben probably won’t bring the kittens, but you should go anyway.)

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