Listen to Caroline Spence’s Reflective New Song “All the Beds I’ve Made”

Photo by Laura E. Partain
Photo by Laura E. Partain

Looking back on past relationships can be painful, but it’s always a little better through the rose-colored glasses of new love. On Caroline Spence’s new song “All the Beds I’ve Made,” she considers those past choices through a couple of well-used idioms, turning old clichés into fresh insights.

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The new track is from her forthcoming sophomore album, Spades & Roses, a thoughtful collection that showcases both Spence’s wise-beyond-her-years songwriting and her nimble voice.

“There is that old idiom, ‘You’ve made your bed, now lie in it,’ or, ‘Sleeping in the bed you’ve made,'” Spence says. “Those are all about facing the consequences of your actions but are also a little bit about settling. The thing is, we make lots of wrong choices and we can move on. I think acknowledging those bad choices or tough times allows you to appreciate it when you have something really good. This song is about that. This album is about that kind of thinking.”

Spades & Roses is out March 3. Listen to “All the Beds I’ve Made” below.

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