Listen to New Langhorne Slim Single “Life Is Confusing”

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins

If you’re finding life especially confusing and chaotic these days, you aren’t alone. Nashville-based songwriter Langhorne Slim feels it, too, and put the feeling to music in his aptly titled new song “Life Is Confusing.”

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The new track is off Slim’s forthcoming album Lost At Last Vol. 1, which follows his critically acclaimed 2015 LP The Spirit Moves and releases November 10 via Dualtone Records. The song gently weaves together swirling strings beneath Slim’s vocals, which add comforting compassion to what, in lesser hands, could sound like a flippant statement: “Life is confusing and people are insane.”

“‘Life is confusing and people are insane’ seems to make even more sense now than it did the day I wrote it,” says. “It might even be the most concise sentence I’ve ever constructed. I pray in my way that because this seems to be a fundamental truth, we can unite as human animals in the beauty and terror that is life, instead of dividing and living in fear. I believe in my heart that it’s possible.”

Listen to “Life Is Confusing” below.

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