Tom Freund Charts Fickle Love In “Freezer Burn”

Photo by Tomas Muscionico

On September 7, Tom Freund will release a new album, East Of Lincoln. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter recorded the album with producer Sejo Navajas, and called upon musical friends Ben Harper and Rami Jaffe to help round out his roster of collaborators.

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Ahead of the album’s release, Freund has shared a new song, “Freezer Burn.” The folk-rocker looks at the emotional toll roller coaster relationships, and features a melodica solo from Freund. (Yep, you read that right — Navajas dared Freund to give it a shot, and it made the final cut.)

“You know when your favorite ice cream in the freezer gets that mustache of ice hairs?” Freund says. “It’s not sweet, and it’s a bummer, cause it got hot then cold again, it was turned off and on, kinda like a relationship can go. I was being thawed out and then thrown in the freezer a couple of times in this particular relationship, and it was making me edgy. I was confused in my mind: Was it on or were we off? It’s tough to keep up the momentum of a relationship with me feeling ‘the burn.’ So what do I do in this kind of climate and an impending breakup? I look to a song.”

Listen to “Freezer Burn” below.

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