Live-Streaming Concert Series Launches Today Via American Highways


Americana Highways has announced a live-streaming concert series to run March 16-20 in response to the cancellation of SXSW and countless other concerts across the globe. The series will air nightly at 7 PM central time on the outlet’s Facebook page, and is slated to feature (in order of appearance) Van Darien, Sarah Peacock, Jeff Crosby, Nathan Kalish, and Zach Aaron. 


Tune in to Americana Highways on FACEBOOK for live streaming from artists for 30 minute sets every weekday evening from approximately 7pm until 10pm EDT for the next couple of weeks while we are all at home. Kick in on the donate button we’ll have available for the artist who has had to cancel gigs.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

The schedule is still in the works and evolving.

Our current lineup for this week is:

Monday 3/16:
7pm Terry Klein
8pm Van Darien
8:45pm GF Patrick
9:30 Frank & Allie Lee

Tuesday 3/17:
7pm Sarah Morris
8pm Sarah Peacock
8:45pm Pi Jacobs
9:30 Bruce Sudano

Wednesday 3/18:
7pm Libby Koch
8pm Jeff Crosby
8:45pm Jeremiah Johnson
9:30 *hold

Thursday 3/19:
7pm Nathan Bell
8pm Nathan Kalish
8:45pm Aloud
9:30pm Janiva Magness

Friday 3/20
7pm Chris Moyse
8pm Zach Aaron
8:45pm D.B. Rouse
9:30 *hold

Saturday 3/21
7pm Randy Lewis Brown
7:45 pm The March Divide
8:30 Mike Osborn
9:15 Carolyn Broussard

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