Liz Longley Talks About ‘Her Way Out’ on Single “3 Crow”

Sometimes we don’t know how to escape.  We can’t seem to find a way out of our toxic relationship.  Then we are left emotionally battered, mentally defeated and physically bruised or even worse.  Liz Longley is one of the lucky ones and she shares how she got out of the receiving end of a tumultuous love affair.    

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“‘3 Crow’ is a song about the geographical boundaries I had to set in order to cut a person out of my life who I didn’t feel safe around,” said Longley.  “I share this song in hopes that anyone who has been in a similar situation knows that they deserve better, and there is a way out.”

“3 Crow” is from Longley’s seventh studio masterpiece Funeral for my Past.  The album echoes rebirth, repeating motivational messages and kindles a sense of catharsis.  “3 Crow” is an intimate and provoking song, tapping into humanities biggest vulnerabilities and reveals the self-sacrifices often made in the name of love.  It manifests the most wicked facets of alcohol use, while divulging how easy it is to ignore those issues and make mistakes when you are blindly in love.   

The track behaves like a familiar friend, it’s a shoulder to lean on and a voice whispering, “I’m here for you.” Although the lyrics are grim, almost cutting, the music creates an energy uttering perseverance and solidarity with the use of steady, driving beats and ambient electronic samples while Longley’s spirited vocals send your heart plunging.  

The concepts surrounding rebirth and catharsis on “3 Crow” also became an integral piece for Longley’s journey as an independent artist.  Upon completion of recording Funeral for my Past at Smoakstack Studio in Nashville with acclaimed producer Paul Moak, Longley realized new support and management was necessary and amicably cut ties with label Sugar Hill Records.  The split was not fully detailed, but it led Longley to turn to her fans for support at a trying time. She started collecting funds from Kickstarter to allocate towards promotion expenses and to purchase the rights to her material.  Longley’s fans exceeded her initial goal of 45K, peaking in at 150K, making Longley the fourth most funded female singer-songwriter on the platform. 

Longley will be celebrating her triumph as a newly independent artist by hitting the road for a lengthy US excursion.  Nashville’s Bluebird Café will kick off the tour on February 7.  

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