Man Scales Hollywood Tower Holding “Free Billie Eilish” Sign Night of Appearance on “The Late Late Show” 

An unidentified man climbed the KTLA tower in Los Angeles and sat on its digital billboard holding a sign about Billie Eilish on Tuesday, April 26.

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While waving a sign that read “Free Billie Eilish” from the 162-foot TV tower, a news chopper from AIR7 hovered above, and authorities circled the location—shutting down Sunset Boulevard during rush hour. An electric guitar was also wrapped around his body as he scaled the tower. 

According to ABC7, the other side of the sign referred to sex slaves and “Donald Marshall clones.” Eventually, the man was brought down by an LAFD ladder around 9:30 p.m. and was quickly placed in handcuffs for trespassing. He was brought to a nearby hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

Clips captured by innocent bystanders circulated on Twitter, causing Eilish fans to flag concern and ask questions about the man’s sign. 

“What is this free Billie Eilish is going around? Like free from what?? I am soo confused. Did I miss something?” asked a Twitter user and many others. 

The hitmaker is free and is “Happier Than Ever.” While her name was trending on social media, the singer-songwriter appeared on The Late Late Show starring James Corden. Eilish serves as one of the last celebrity guests on the award-winning show, as Corden is set to say his final farewell on Thursday, April 27. 

While sitting on the legendary couch next to Corden and Natalie Portman, she recalled the time she made her TV debut with the hit single “Ocean Eyes.” Eilish was 15-years-old at the time and performed the chart-topping track with her brother Finneas. 

“I remember that I was very nervous and II was very sick. I was sick for many years, I feel like – just, everything I did, I was sick,” the vocalist told Corden. “And my voice was kind of messed up, and I was just really nervous, and I just wanted to really do a good job. I remember you came to meet us in the room, and I remember it was like the first celebrity I’d ever been up close to. It was amazing,” she added. 

Corden chimed in to mention that he recognized her superstar potential that day. He pointed out that he remembers the performance “vividly.” He also declared that her family played a vital role in his show and legendary chapter.

“I remember just thinking, ‘Oh, no, no, this is an artist I’m going to watch the rest of my life,’” he recalled. “But I remember meeting your mom, meeting your brother, meeting your dad. I feel like this entire eight years [of The Late Late Show], in one way or another, you or members of your family have really spanned this whole time for me.” 

Despite Eilish’s success in the industry, Corden praised her character and how she remained humble. 

“The best thing I can say, and I tried to say it at the start of the show, is you are exactly the same person that I met then. In your core, in your person, truly. It’s a credit to you, and it’s a credit to your family,” he added. 

The GRAMMY Award-winning vocalist was recently featured on “Never Felt So Alone” with Labrinth. Eilish is currently working the festival scene, as she is slated to make a show-stopping appearance at Chicago’s Lollapalooza in August and Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungry. For upcoming shows, visit HERE

Photo by Harry Durrant/Getty Images

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