Morgan Myles Showcases Vocals On Stunning Acoustic Release of “Therapy”

Multi-talented singer-songwriter Morgan Myles shines as a vocalist on the acoustic rendition of her debut EP, Therapy. She initially released the aptly titled album before the storm in January. Checking in after a turbulent start to the year, Myles releases Acoustic Therapy Sessions, a stripped-down re-release of each track, offering a new perspective within each song. Today, she premieres a video for the acoustic title-track, “Therapy,” on American Songwriter.

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“Music is something we can independently reach for when we are alone and feel completely helpless,” the songwriter offered about her intentions with the EP. “Sometimes that one song might empower us enough to start talking, start reaching out and ultimately start the healing process. That is what this music did for my soul while writing through the pain. It’s what pulled me out of that pain afterward,” she added. “I hope this music can help others, the way that it has helped me through recent tough times.”

The Pennsylvania-native encapsulate some trials she’s faced personally in the last few years to deliver something eloquent and timely for the world to relate to when they need it the most. Her years as a nanny-turned-guardian to the children of Amy, who passed away from ALS, reflect her work. Myles draws upon the trauma of taking charge after this loss, growing stronger from the experience and conveying that in her music. More recently, Myles lost her cousin to cancer, which also altered the direction of the album. Following these tragedies, she finds herself looking to examples of love all around her to cast out the darkness.

“I believe one another’s love is the best therapy. We all need a lot more of that right now,” Myles shared about the track. It highlights the importance of relationships, emphasizing her parents’ 40-year marriage. “Their relationship has weathered so many trials and tribulations for over four decades now. It is the kind of love that cannot be shaken, and it is something I hope to find. I know I will never settle for anything less than what they have together.”

The video features Myles in the studio. She pours herself into the song behind the mic, supported by Scott Reeves’ simple instrumentation on acoustic guitar. The artist’s unique ability to blend soul-pop and soft rock reign true in contrast to the initial studio recording. Her voice lays bare, with the same strength as the percussion-backed, electric guitar ballad from January. The inspirational sounds of Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, and Susan Tedeschi echo throughout the chamber as she wields years of reverent listening into her song. With poignant, painful authenticity, she tells her story in a similar style to Eva Cassidy or Carole King.

Myles will reveal her acoustic collection throughout the month, inviting listeners to revisit the lyrics in a new light. Watch the exclusive premiere of “Therapy” from this imaginative set below. Keep an eye out for more to come over the next few weeks.

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