Munn Re-releases Regrets on “I Lost Myself”

There are a few reasons why Munn wrote “I Lost Myself.” Past mistakes and regrets seemed to follow the Nashville artist. “I wanted to write something that was both true to myself and my situation, and more importantly, something others could relate to,” says Munn. “Everyone has made mistakes and too often we feel like those mistakes drag us down. It’s so hard to break free of our pasts sometimes, whatever that may be.”

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Powerfully moving, Munin’s piercing vocals cut through the pop ballad in its “running” refrain I can let my past drag me down. “Through this song I hoped to paint the picture of what it is like to be in the middle of this struggle,” shares Munn of the heartbreaking 2019 track, which he has re-released this year. “The struggle of our past mistakes or “demons” still haunting us and ever getting closer to dragging us down, while simultaneously trying to show the people in our lives that we’ve changed and that our pasts don’t define who we are today.”

Recorded in his home state of Indiana just a few nights before Munn moved to Nashville, “I Lost Myself” was a reflection of the artist’s past and the life he was leaving behind. “At the time I was recording out of my bedroom and had minimal equipment for doing so—no sound proofing, fancy microphones or interfaces,” he says. “It was one of those songs that came together so fast, from writing to recording, it all just felt right.”

Born in Nebraska and raised in Indiana, Munn, first picked up the guitar at 15 but never took music seriously until his sophomore year of college. In 2018, everything started to shift for Munn. In the summer before his sophomore year, his engagement to his fiancée fell through. In working through the loss of this relationship, Munn penned his first song, “I Tried.” Less than a year later, and with less 4,000 followers n Spotify, he dropped out of college, along with producer friend Dylan Stiles, and moved to Nashville to go all-in with music.

“I truly want to help as many people as possible through my music,” he says. “I believe music is such an incredible tool for connecting to people by the masses. When I think about my current ambitions and future goals, I always ask myself the question “why not?”… Why not become one of the biggest songwriters, artists, performers, and help millions of people. Yes, I understand the immense barriers between me and these goals, but… why not do everything I can to overcome these barriers.”

While “I Lost Myself” came quickly to Munn, he often struggles putting words on page. “I’m not sure if I’ve quite cracked the code for when or how I get my best writing, He says. “However, I do feel like I have done some of my best writing with just a guitar late at night.” And that’s how “I Lost Myself” came together.

No one is alone in whatever struggle they are facing, and they are stronger than they think. Simply, that is the message of “I Lost Myself.” 

It breaks my heart to see people so bogged down by their demons that they can never seem to shake,” says Munn. “I get it. It’s so hard sometimes, but there is always the other side. We just have to get through the struggle and face it head on to get there.”

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