Music Business Roundup: Streaming Vs. Sales Study, Billboard Charts Makeover, and More

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New Study Shows Streaming Drives Sales, Debate Continues to Rage
The Country Music Association released a new report yesterday which fueled the debate over the effect streaming has on music sales. The research found adults were three times more likely to buy music after hearing it on services like YouTube and Spotify versus hearing it for the first time on the radio.
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Billboard Chart Makeover
Instead of tracking just album sales, as of December 3rd the Billboard 200 album chart will incorporate music streaming and digital track sales – part of an effort to include all types of music consumption in their rankings. 10 digital tracks or 1,500 album streams will equate to one album sold.
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Beats Relaunch
Details have emerging about Apple’s plan for acquired Beats Music. New information says that the platform will be part of a new iOS update early next year, likely under the iTunes name and with some sort of free model.
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Azoff Escalates YouTube Threats
Irving Azoff is continuing his debate with YouTube’s Music Key, as he hired lawyers to demand proof of YouTube’s licenses for the 20,000 songs Irving controls for his list of clients at Global Music Rights.
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YouTube Product Placement
Universal Music unveiled a new type of retroactive product placement, placing new digitally embedded ads into older music videos on their YouTube catalog.
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