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Videos by American Songwriter

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Hey Readers,

In light of our upcoming 30th anniversary, we decided it was time for a little spring cleaning. We realized we’ve misplaced a few issues throughout the years, and we need your help filling in the holes. Below you can find a list of issues that we don’t currently have in our office. If anyone has copies of these back issues, we’d like to borrow them for a bit so we can update our records. We’ll take care of the shipping and send you a free t-shirt. Think you can help? Shoot us an email to

Thanks for your help!

— AS Staff

Missing Back Issues:

July/August 2008
November/December 2007
November/December 2006
May/June 2006
May/June 2005
May/June 1987
March/April 1987
January/February 1987
November/December 1986
September/October 1986
July/August 1986
May/June 1986
March/April 1986
January/February 1986
November/December 1985
May/June 1985
March/April 1985
November/December 1984


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