New 25th Anniversary Edition of ‘She Bop’ by Lucy O’Brien from Jawbone Press

A feminist history of women in popular music, from 1920s blues to modern times

Drawing on more than 270 original interviews with female artists and women working behind the scenes in A&R, marketing, music publishing, and production, She Bop presents a feminist history of women in popular music, from 1920s blues to the present day. Talking to iconic artists from Eartha Kitt and Nina Simone to Debbie Harry and Beyoncé, acclaimed author Lucy O’Brien charts how women have negotiated  the old boy power networks to be seen and to get their music heard.

This revised edition updates that story through many fresh interviews and new perspectives – and includes a pair of exclusive artworks by Gina Birch.

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Since She Bop was first published in 1995, digital downloading has transformed the music landscape. But has the issue of gender inequality changed too?

In a new introduction and closing chapter, the author celebrates the rise of unique women such as Lizzo and Billie Eilish, who are breaking through and creating new possibilities for female artists, while also looking at the struggles of artists like Kesha, and wonderingwhether the pop industry has had its MeToo moment yet.

“It will make you want to form a band,” said Gina Birch, “it will make you angry, it will make you laugh, and it will educate you.”

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