Bose Unveils Their 700 UC Noise Cancelling Headphones Designed For Easy Virtual Collaborations


If you’ve been playing a lot of livestream shows or holding songwriting sessions on Zoom, the Bose 700 UC headphones might be worth a look.

According to the announcement from Bose, the noise cancelling headphones feature an adaptive eight-microphone proprietary system — with four of the mics dedicated to isolating the user’s voice, so they sound natural and clear — while the array actively hunts down and rejects noise so only the important details are heard. The 11 levels of noise cancellation let users personalize what is heard from the surrounding environment — from virtual silence to open and ambient.

Bose 700 UC Headphones

A Bose USB Link Bluetooth® module provides a connection to both your computer and mobile phone simultaneously, enabling you to quickly jump on calls with either device.

Available in black or luxe silver, the units are shipping now in the United States and Latin America. They will be available in Asia in September and Europe in October.

Street price: $449

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