Next BIG Nashville Conference Preview: RootMusic

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The Grateful Dead’s new BandPage celebrates the group’s eclectic history.

Earlier this month, American Songwriter spoke with J Sider, founder and CEO of a new music technology company called RootMusic. About five months ago, Sider’s company launched their first digital tool called BandPage, which is essentially a “plug-in” application for Facebook that lets musicians and artists create a more-dedicated music portal on their Facebook fan pages.

The product has caught on. Major artists have signed up in increasing numbers — Kanye West and The Grateful Dead now join early-adopters like Snoop Dog and Tom Petty. But Sider insists his primary aim is in helping unsigned and developing artists. Artists like the one he used to be, before he became a music biz guy.

Now RootMusic has launched a new feature for BandPages called “YouTube Tracks,” which allows artists to embed their music videos from YouTube to their SoundCloud music player on BandPages. The video plays will be trackable so that artists can also collect performance royalties from their song plays.

J Sider will be speaking at the Next BIG Nashville conference, which will be held in Nashville from Sept. 29 – 30. To read our complete interview with J Sider, click here. For more on Next BIG Nashville, head here.


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