Okey Dokey Ponders Personal Growth On “Wait On Me”

Photo courtesy of the artist

Okey Dokey first caught our ears with the release of “Wavy Gravy,” an utterly infectious psych-pop tune off the duo’s debut album Love You, Mean It. Now, the Nashville band is in the midst of releasing a string of new tunes, with the latest entry, “Wait On Me,” out today.

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“Wait On Me” finds Okey Dokey’s Johny Fisher and Aaron Martin building off the melodic garage pop of their debut album, adding a bit of funk and plenty of soulful hooks. Lyrically, the track explores emotionally maturity and striving to be better, a theme made hopeful by its buoyant, “Wall of Sound”-esque arrangement.

“Aaron and I got with our good friend Taylor Craft at my house and literally just played funky parlor piano chord structures for hours until it finally clicked,” Fisher says. “We all just kept repeating and screaming ‘wait on meeeeee’ over and over again. At the time I was going through a bit of a rough patch and thought, ‘What if we were asking all the people in the world to be patient with us because we are still so far from perfect?’ Aaron just ran with it from there and we wound up with a lovely tune.”

“Wait On Me” is the second track in a series of new songs Okey Dokey plans to release every two weeks. Check out the first song, the Rayland Baxter-assisted “When They Get Older,” right here.

Listen to “Wait On Me” below.

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