Behold The Brave Charters New Sonic Territory on “Peaches”

Hailing from the hills of Tennessee tumbles in the boundless rock n’ roll band, Behold The Brave (BTB). With wit-filled humor, they defined their sound as “hetero-Elton John meets homo-Elvis.” Chartering new sonic territory, the Chattanooga-based group premieres a psychedelic single, “Peaches,” today on American Songwriter. Along with the single comes a new music video, created in isolation.

The changing tides of romantic relationships weave lyrically throughout the new track. The song’s style and structure metaphorically walk hand-in-hand with the message while also honing in on elements of vulnerability. The storyline is turbulent, but the resolution is a reminder of the constant presence love serves.

“Peaches is about the ups-and-downs of long term relationships,” shared lead singer, Clayton Davis. “When you fight with this person, you find all the things that bug you about them. And then when everything resolves, you realize that you actually love them,” he explained. “If you listen to the song, it flows that way. Until you get to the bridge, the vibe is fighting and irritation. In the end, it opens up, like ‘I’m feeling you girl.”

Underestimating the cost of animation, the video developed as a hodgepodge of footage. “I went out to the woods and filmed myself singing, which is really weird if you’ve never done it,” Clayton laughed. “I was just waiting for someone to like pop around the quarter and be like, ‘what are you doing, you weirdo.”

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Fearing a feature on Influencers in the Wild, Clayton kept an eye out for passersby while lying on the forest floor. The video was shot and edited by Grant Whitsett and sets those pent-up feelings into motion.

The band made up of college friends, Clayton Davis, Zack Randolph, Jeremiah Thompson, and Joel Parks, has continued to grow. They’ve leveraged their sync writing skills with song placements on TV commercials and road-warrior mentality to support their recording career.

Thanks to their friends at Gold Cassette Productions in Nashville and producer Matt Goldman for continuing to believe in their music’s direction, they introduce “Peaches” to the world tomorrow.

“We don’t like to tie ourselves down to a specific genre,” Clayton remarked. “Every song is not going to have the same vibe. It’s kind of like ‘Peaches’ – If you listen to this one and then you go back to some older ones, you’ll hear a family resemblance, yet they’re all totally different.”

BTB joins the movement away from traditional record cycles, following the “hip hop model” of single releases with accompanying videos. “Peaches” is a song they were anxious to share, and with the extra pandemic-allocated time, they were able to create an accompanying video.

“We’re not one of those bands struggling to come up with music,” Clayton offered. “If anything, we have too much, and it’s hard to narrow down. That’s why we’re just spitting out these singles. These songs are good, and we don’t want to not ever share them.”

They do have plans to release a full-length album next year. The release adds to their already hefty to-do list, including running for President in 2024 and creating a specialized hot dog brand Brought the Brats (BTB).

“We want to share our good spirits with anyone willing to listen,” BTB shared. “We find joy in creating music. Music that guides you down an energetic yet relaxing wave of noise. Music that evokes a brave and creative new perspective on life.”

Check out “Peaches” below and pre-save the single from Behold The Brave.

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