Chris Bandi Explains Building off of the Past with ASPN’s ‘SMI’ Podcast

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From podcast host Brandon Harrington: Chris Bandi phones in from his high school number (I wouldn’t give it up either) to talk about Ole Miss partying, cutting teeth, tour stories, American Idol, the success of “Man Enough Now” and even tracks from the Chris Bandi EP. First, Bandi takes us through his early life up to the point where a three-minute song changed his life. 

Growing up in St. Louis, Chris Bandi knew that he had a music legacy to fulfill. The legendary Duck Room, Chuck Berry, Nelly-pretty big shoes to fill. From an early age, music was a goal. College was more than an education, and frat life came to be something to take advantage of. Chris would take his friends with him to his shows and pack the venue. Confessing that Ole Miss as the place to cut his teeth for his eventual career, he also put his marketing degree to work. Then the move to Nashville was bound to happen, and his first glimpse of success followed suit.

Chris released “Man Enough Now” in 2017 and an immediate reaction garnered just over 5,000 streams on its first day. By the end of the week, he had 25,000 organic streams. Soon one million weekly streams set up Chris with his publishing and record deal. Today he’s followed up with his recent Chris Bandi EP. The EP already includes viral Tik Tok traction solidifying that you can still have a hit in midst of Covid-19 America. Vulnerability and the relatability of Chris’s songs seem to be what people gravitate toward. He admits that he does live in the past, but I think this lends itself to self-evaluations and even nostalgia that parallels with what his fans love about his music.

Surviving the Music Industry podcast (SMI) aims to be entertaining through a vulnerable conversation with guests about their lives, careers and projects. Some compare the show to “WTF for music” or Bobbycast. In this weekly conversation-style format, creators share personal stories from their life, and professionals offer insight into their chosen profession. No topic is off-limits. Guests and fans recognize a kindred spirit with host Brandon Harrington. The result? The show provides inspiration and solidarity by diving deeper into the lives of guests and their projects.

Listen to Chris Bandi’s latest EP below and tune in to SMI for more conversations like this one.

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