A People’s History of American Songwriter


Videos by American Songwriter

Illustrations by Mackenzie Moore

Staffers past and present look back at 30 years of music, milestones and memories at American Songwriter magazine.

Vernell Hacket
Editor-In-Chief, Co-Owner, 1984-2004

Deborah Evans Price
Associate Editor, 1986-1996

Michael Kosser
Columnist, 1984-2011

Robert Clement
Publisher, 2004-2012; Co-Owner, 2004-Present

Douglas Waterman
Editor-In-Chief, 2004-2008; Advertising Director, 2002-2004; Co-Owner 2004-present

Matthew S. Shearon
Editor-In-Chief, Co-Publisher, 2008-2010; Managing Editor, 2005-2008

Rachel Briggs
Art Director, 2006-2012

Davis Inman
Gear and Business Editor, 2008-2011; Contributing Editor, 2012-2013

Caine O’Rear
Editor-In-Chief, 2010-Present

Jamie Younger
Marketing Director, 2010-2012

Brittney McKenna
Intern, 2008; Writer and Editorial Assistant, 2014-Present

Alex Shoaf
Intern, 2009; Freelance Writer, 2010-Present

Mackenzie Moore
Art Director, 2012-Present

Caroline Acree
Operations Director, 2012-Present

Emily Maxwell
Intern, 2013-2014; Writer/Editorial Assistant, 2014-Present

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