Perfume Genius Re-envisions, Remixes ‘Set My Heart On Fire’

Keeping everything in its original sequence, Perfume Genius plucked each track off 2020’s Set My Heart On Fire, with a hand-picked collection of artists in tow, to remix the album on Immediately Remixes, out March 12.

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Bringing each track into another dimension, Michael Hadreas (a.k.a Perfume Genius) enlisted the help of A.G. Cook for an unrecognizable take on “Describe,” shifting the heavier harmonized song around a frenetic synth-wave bubble, while Boy Harsher’s Gus Muller transformed “Your Body Changes Everything” from its original orchestral sexual synth into some shadowy dance piece.

In its remainder, Set My Heart On Fire lands in some new sphere on Immediately Remixes with featured artists Jaakko Eino Kaleivi taking on “Whole Life,” Jim-E Stack on “Without You,” Planningtorock offering up a “Jason there’s no rush” remix of “Jason,” and Jenny Hval tinkering with “Leave.”

Initial Talk gives funkier synth to “On the Floor,” with “Moonbend” by Nidia, Danny L Harle’s “Harlecore” acid-rave remix of “Just A Touch,”  Westerman on “Nothing At All,” Actress’ wavering waltz of “One More Try,” and Koreless’ and Katie Dey’ respective redo of “Some Dream” and “Borrowed Light.”

On Record Store Day, June 12, the double LP of Immediately Remixes will be pressed onto metallic silver vinyl and limited to 2,500.

“I’m very honored to have all these incredible musicians rework these songs,” says Hadreas. “I felt personally remixed listening to their versions, hearing the spirit of my song completely transformed was very magical. Each one feels like a little portal to a fucked up shared world.” 

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