Kitchen Dwellers Take on The Challenge of Pink Floyd in New EP, “Reheated, Vol.2.”

The Kitchen Dwellers have been cooking up something special and it’s finally ready to be shared. American Songwriter got the chance to catch up with the band and talk about their latest release, “Reheated, Vol.2.” This EP contains a collection of three covers of Pink Floyd songs including “Pigs (Three Different Ones),” “Hey You” and “Welcome to the Machine.”

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“Pigs” was the first track to be released off this EP and according to band member Max Davies, he feels it’s at the top of the list of the songs they have recorded because of the unique sounds they added in.

“Pink Floyd ended up being one of the larger undertakes musically, at least personally to me. The way they would go about writing their music is just completely different than anything I have done before and it really forces you to focus heavily on what they are doing because they are almost changing the way they play things every time they go through it,” says Shawn Swain.

“We played almost everything true to the originals in our own version. It was difficult and we learned a lot, it was rewarding.”

Luckily, the members of the Kitchen Dwellers live close enough to each other in Montana that the pandemic did not keep them apart for very long.

“We’d still be able to talk about things we could accomplish later locally and since we are a tightknit group, we have been able to keep each other in our quarantine group,” says Torrin Daniels.

While they can’t perform as they would at a normal concert, the band has been able to play on a few live streams as well as live at a drive-in movie theater. One virtual festival they were able to participate in was “Live From Out There,” which is being put on by 11e1even Entertainment Group.

“We were able to hop on the first series of that and still get content out there to people who are really starving for live music right now,” says Torrin.

As for the drive-in movie concert, when asked how it felt to perform again, the band said it felt like a bit more normalcy had been restored to their lives, almost as if they were back performing with fans at their feet. Instead of being right by the stage though, fans were around their cars maintaining a safe distance while still being able to enjoy live music again.

“It felt amazing. It definitely felt like I wasn’t going quite as crazy as I was before,” says Torrin.

Some fans might not prefer a live stream show, but there are perks to be able to reach so many people at one time.

“The drive-in concerts definitely feel more like playing a show, but the live streams are also fun because you get to interact with your friends that might be on the other side of the country and fans that we have gotten to know that maybe we haven’t gotten to see in a long time and see them commenting on a live stream or on a zoom show,” says Torrin.

“So, we still get to interact and talk to those people and let them know that we care, that they are helping us keep our business going and keeping the band alive.”

If you watch one of their live streams or go to a drive-in concert, you might be able to hear one of the tracks from “Reheated, Vol. 2”

The songs will be available on Spotify and if you want to hear “Reheated, Vol. 2” on a limited-edition vinyl record, the Kitchen Dwellers have partnered with Qrates for the chance for you to pre-order one.

Listen to “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” down below. If you dig what you hear, pre-order.

In celebration of the EP release “Live From The Cabin,” a two-night live streaming concert taking place over two days –  July 31 and Aug 1 at 9pm ET.  The special shows will be broadcast to the world from the Bridger Mountains in Montana right outside of the Kitchen Dwellers home base of Bozeman.  The band will also play a special set exploring the music of Pink Floyd.  

The livestream will be available for free to all fans via the band’s Facebook page as well as the American Songwriter Facebook page

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